TD Bank Wins Trust Scores in Survey


I had no idea banks bought advertising but here it is. Apparently there are good banks out there! 😛 Ok I’m joking, but really, from an institution that charges to to borrow and charges you to save and reaps billions of dollars in profit, I can’t imagine how anybody is happy. It may be the long hours TD is open…. considering I know a few RBC banks open until 4PM some days… Apparently an independent survey of Canadians by market research firm Synovate has determined that TD Canada Trust ranks first among the country’s five major banks in overall quality of customer service. Canadians also chose TD Canada Trust as the best in branch access and convenience; information handling and communication; ABMs; and online banking.

TD Canada Trust scored first among Canada’s major banks in the following
–   Overall quality of customer service
–   Branch access and convenience
–   Information handling and communications
–   ABMs
–   Online banking

The Synovate results come from a survey which took place from July 14 to August 25 using a nationally representative sample of more than 16,000 customers at banks and other financial institutions across the country. Known as the Customer Service Index, the survey has been conducted by Synovate annually since 1987.

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