Suncor Energy Progress Report on Climate Change


Suncor Energy released its 12th Annual Progress Report on Climate Change. The report provides an update on Suncor’s efforts in 2005 to manage greenhouse gas emissions as guided by the company’s seven-point Climate Change Action Plan. Suncor’s total greenhouse gas emissions for 2005 were 9.9 million tonnes, a 7.9% drop from 2004. However, greenhouse gas emission intensity (emissions per barrel of oil) increased by 3.7%.

Suncor’s greenhouse gas performance in 2005 was affected by a fire at its oil sands facility near Fort McMurray, Alberta, which reduced annual production levels by nearly 25% from 2004. But total greenhouse gas emissions from the facility decreased at a slower rate, due to several energy-intensive steps the company took to protect its operating units from cold weather damage.

Suncor made progress in a number of areas of its climate change action plan in 2005. The company continued to be a leader in renewable energy development through the construction of Canada’s largest ethanol plant (which opened in 2006) and by advancing plans for its fourth wind farm. Suncor also helped launch an industry initiative to develop a broad-based carbon capture and storage solution for Canada.

Suncor’s greenhouse gas management initiatives have resulted in total reductions of 42 million tonnes of carbon dioxide between 1990 and 2005. However, because of significant production growth during that period, total absolute emissions since 1990 have doubled.

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