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We would like to drop a quick blog post about the company the deals with our web traffic. We are happy to have SEO Consultants from DistinctSEO improve our web site. They are in charge of optimizing our web site so it adhere to search engine optimization standard and will rank us higher for our competitive field (what’s more competitive than money? :P)

We don’t have their full blown services right now but use them for PPC management, web page building, and link acquisitions. Things have been a bit slow in terms of growth, but that’s a result of our budget constraints. If I had more money I’d get them to create more content and get more links for us. But anyways, check them out if you have a web site and are looking to improve your search engine rankings.

And that’s the end of our spiel, a plug for our friends at Distinct SEO. Thanks guys!

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