Gearing up for the new semester in Micro and Macro


Good news to our readers, we’re gearing up for the start of the new semester. Economics is a hot class to take especially given the recent world events surrounding our economy and money. As such, we’re continually rolling out new microeconomics and macroeconomics notes, articles, and explanations for your review. So be sure to visit back often, add our feed to your readers, and search for your intro econ topic here at DiscussEconomics.

-Barry Econ

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  1. Hi I have some questions in Macroeconomics that need some help with, I would really appreciate it if some could help me in finding their answers. My grade in this course depends a lot on these questions.Thanx in advance. Here they are..
    Q1. Why a mansion in the 1700 worth 3,000 ounce of Gold and nowadays worth more than 300,000 ounce of Gold?

    Q2. Why was the level of prices stable for hundreds of years then started to rise slightly since the 1940s then started to to increase very substantially after 1973?

    Q3. Why does SAMA have to follow the Fed. In its interest rate policy? If SAMA doesn’t pursue the Fed. Monetary policy, demonstrate what will happen?

    Q4. What is the monetary policy and fiscal policy for USA in case of expansion?

    Q5. How does inflation differ from price level? What is the difference and how do they look on a graph?
    Q6. How did USA avoid inflation in 1990s?
    Q7. Is inflation bad or good, and why did we not have inflation in KSA in 1990s?
    Q8. Apply the monetary rule that says m=p*q to explain the price of gold nowadays.
    Q9. What is the relation between unemployment and growth, what is NRU, and is NRU for a country can change in long period, why?
    Q10. What does open market operation mean? How does it relate to money creation and money supply?
    Q11. What is the CPI, PPI, GDP Deflator, and when do we say that the inflation in KSA has declined this year to 4%; do we expect to see decline in the price level?

    Q12. How do governments balance their budgets? How does USA solve its huge deficits nowadays? How do we (SA) solve the budget deficit in the past and how can we solve the budget surplus nowadays?
    Q13. How can a bank be bankrupt? What would banks do before becoming bankrupt?
    Q14. What is the difference between exchange rate and purchasing power? Use the $USA and the Euro as an example. Define the cause and effect.
    Q15. What is GDP? What is the difference between real and nominal GDP? Why is it important? What does GDP measure and how is it being measured? What is the main problem with using GDP to compare between USA and China?
    Q17. What is BOP? How does differ between fixed rate and floating exchange rate?

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