Fidelity launches six new Fidelity Managed Portfolios

Fidelity launched six new Fidelity Managed Portfolios representing a combination of equities and fixed income securities, providing full diversification across asset classes, geography and sectors. The portfolios are available to financial advisors and investors on April 18, 2007.

All of the Fidelity Managed Portfolios invest in a mix of Canadian, U.S.and international equities and bonds including global real estate. There are six portfolios that meet the full range of investors’ needs, risk tolerances and investment criteria.

For investors looking for income solutions

– Fidelity Income Portfolio is for the investor who needs income today,
while at the same time is looking for some long-term capital
appreciation. This investor typically has a low-to-moderate risk
– Fidelity Global Income Portfolio offers investors with a low-to-
moderate risk tolerance a regular income stream from a geographically
diverse portfolio.

For investors looking for a balance of capital preservation and growth

– Fidelity Balanced Portfolio offers investors a combination of capital
preservation and growth potential with moderate risk levels.
– Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio is for the investor who desires a
balanced approach to investing with a global bias. This portfolio also
assumes a moderate level of risk to achieve its goals.

For investors looking for growth potential

– Fidelity Growth Portfolio offers balanced exposure to both Canadian
and global markets with strong growth potential. This portfolio is for
the investor that is typically willing to take on a moderate-to-high
level of risk to achieve their goals.
– Fidelity Global Growth Portfolio capitalizes on the rapid pace of
growth around the world. This portfolio is for the investor with a
moderate-to-high risk tolerance looking for global growth potential.

Fidelity Managed Portfolios offer investors regular rebalancing and daily monitoring of risk and return characteristics to ensure the portfolios consistently meet their investment objectives. Investors also receive access to enhanced reporting to monitor on-going investment needs and performance. All six Fidelity Managed Portfolios are offered in both capital class versions within Fidelity’s Capital Structure as well as within Fidelity’s Tax-efficient Systematic Withdrawal Plan (T-SWP). For investors looking for tax-efficient savings, they should consider Fidelity Capital Structure, a non-registered product offering that provides the “registered plan advantage” of maximized compound growth potential through the deferral of capital gains taxes. For investors interested in tax-efficient cash flow streams, Fidelity’s T-SWP 5% or 8% options offer income solutions for non-registered assets.

The financial advisor plays an instrumental role in the investment decision process by using Fidelity’s Investor Profile Questionnaire, Investment Policy Statement and enhanced reporting to customize the solution for their clients. Fidelity Managed Portfolios are a single ticket solution
with a $25,000 minimum investment required for all portfolios.

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