A chemist, an engineer and an economist joke


A chemist, an engineer and an economist are stranded on a deserted island. They carry with them some canned food but have no ordinary means of opening the cans. The chemist suggests gathering some wood and starting a fire and then holding the cans over the heat, counting on the expanding contents to burst open the cans. The engineer thinks it would be better to try smashing the cans open with some of the rocks lying around. The economist begins, “Assume we had a can opener…”

5 responses to “A chemist, an engineer and an economist joke”

  1. HAHA!


    or how about…. ‘given the ideal state….’ 😛

  2. Given the demand for a can opener, the market must provide one!

  3. Hah!

    If only they had an entrepreneur… Laugh

  4. Haha,

    Given the scarcity of the can opener we’ll never be able to afford one!

  5. It seems to me more a politician than an economist though…

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