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Why Don’t Canadians Care About FIPA with China?

If the US tried to sign a secret deal with the Chinese the common citizen would go ballistic. In Canada, a secret agreement signed (we assume on board a moving train in Siberia) in RUSSIA with the Chinese that the current government full intends NOT to debate in Parliament. Weird hey. And Canadians are largely silent. A bit of media coverage here and there but of all the developed nations of the world it’s Canada that seems the most apathetic/disenfranchised/aloof about their politics.

Considering just under 4 out of every 10 Canadians voted for the current majority government you’d think more people would be up in arms.

Economically speaking I haven’t read the deal to comment. What we do know is that this isn’t about trade with China, most goods at Walmart come from China (we are essentially reliant on the Chinese). But to ram thru legislation without a single vote is clandestine operations from a government that knows very well the people they serve are too timid to kick up a fuss.

try for some info on the other side of the coin. Inform yourself on both sides

And in case you were worried about the human rights abuses in China, Canada is slated to jump on board with free trade agreements with India. Again, free trade = good, no consultation with Canadian public = not good.

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