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Who Killed the Electric Car – Let the Free Market Decide

***This post was originally made in our forum which is now closed and reposted here for our community.***

Have you seen the movie? It’s informative and I welcome social action documentaries anytime. The basic premise is to get people thinking, moving, mad, into action. But how does the film stack up if you just look at basic economic principles from both sides of the electric car equation?

On one side environmentalist and people looking for alternatives to gas powered cars favor the electric car (maybe the hydro). These guys will jump on conspiracy theories that say oil execs are holding back technology. This may be the case, but really I’m not there so I can’t say with certainty that oil execs are doing this.

Let me say this, using basic economics. If oil execs are holding back better technology that’s CHEAPER than what we have today, we shouldn’t throw them in jail, no no, but BUT, they should loose their jobs and their entire corporations DESTROYED by the consumer.

It’s like this. This FIRST oil company that brings out a CHEAPER and more efficient alternative to the gas powered case WILL reap BILLIONS. BILLIONS. The fact of the matter is, we still have gas powered cars because it remains cheaper to produce, drive, fill, etc., than hydro. The technology is still at a point where greater profits are derived from oil cars.

The INSTANT there’s an alternative that’s cheaper, investors (shareholders) MUST MUST accept, adopt, and embrace the new technology. Why? Because it will reap billions, like I said, it will put that company ahead of the competition, it will make them distinct compared to the rest of the competition, it will SINK the competitor.

So it’s either a) we do not have such a technology, or b)we have very very very STUPID oil execs how are no accountable to the shareholder…….. or c) its’ the governments fault–for all the conspiracy theorists out there!

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