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Canadians Heading to Polls – Liberals and NDP Wrong about Economy

Liberals Take a Page From George Bush

Forget about Obama v. Mcain. Canada is heading the polls this coming Tuesday and it’s shaping up to be a doozy. The reigning Conservative minority government is teetering between majority and official opposition, a pretty big swing. Swing….the swing vote, turns out some key riding in Liberal haven Ontario and tree-hugging BC may have all the say. But here’s the interesting thing, the Liberals and the NDP are gaining ground amidst the economic fiasco hitting the US.

How are the Liberals using it to their advantage? Fear. Just like George W (used synonymously with Stephen Harper) the Liberals and NDP parties are pushing the ‘sky is falling‘ syndrome to panicky Canadians touting the all imminent collapse of the financial sector in Canada. Turns out, they’re probably very wrong.

World Economic Forum Report Touts Canada’s Bank as Safest in World

The Canadian Press is reporting that a World Economic Forum report pits Canada’s banking systems as the soundest in the world. A far cry from what the lawyers and fearmongers in the left-wing camps have been saying. I wonder how the recent ‘dip‘ in Conservative support will respond to this latest ‘revelation’ that confirms their position that the sky isn’t falling and the banks won’t need a bailout…..

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