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Canadian Fuel Efficient Rebate Yet to Arrive

The feds in Canada have promised cheques for those who invest in fuel-efficient cars and trucks. The problem? 2006 and 07 buyers have yet to cash in.

The ecoAuto feebate program, launched in March by the Conservatives, offers rebates of up to $2,000. It also places a maximum levy of $4,000 on gas-guzzling vehicles.

Transport Canada spokesperson Robin Browne confirmed Monday to The Globe and Mail that no money has yet been paid out to buyers that qualify for the incentives. A bureaucrat said the rebates will start coming in the Fall.

People who bought Toyota Yaris subcompacts, ethanol-powered Chevrolet Impalas and Chrysler Sebrings, diesel-powered Smart cars and other alternative -technology vehicles after March 19 are eligible for rebates.

Are you still waiting for your rebate? Let us know the progress of your submission.

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