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Alberta spreads cheeks, sells future cheap

Stole the title from a user on the Globe and Mail comments section. Makes sense though when you consider that without an unequivocal doubt, Ed Stelmach is the worst Alberta provincial leader in its history and anybody who continues to his leadership is equally abhorrent. Yet again, the Alberta conservatives run uncontested raping the natural resources of Alberta selling land and decreasing royalties to expand profits for international juggernauts corporations.

Thanks Ed, you’ve systematically done what every spineless politician does–make rash short term decisions to increase the chances of re-election. A real leader would protect what is a declining and finite one-time use natural resource. Ed is not a real leader…A provincial embarrassment that will destroy the capability for future generations to live off the vast resources and pay for the burgeoning health care costs of the future baby boomers.

P.S. A poor leader also does an about face when he makes a decision. *shakes head*

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