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is anyone up on game theory here?

i was talking to a computer programmer the other day about game theory and he mentioned that someone he knew who used to live in my district (this programmer is quite advanced in years shall we say), apparently he had innovated some new taxonomy of games (in the 80s i think) but i cant find any info on it online (unfortunately the programmer i was speaking to could not remember this guys name)
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The questions goes like this:

a simple or basic game would be chess. (both players are aware of one another, both know the rules and operate by them, and both know each others goal/s) a meta-game would be the same but the rules may be broken or one or more players may be using different rules to achieve a known goal, and a hyper-game is the most complicated, a game where none of the players no exactly how many other players there are, there are no clear rules and no clear goals. (but each players choices effect the others, something like that anyway)

i didnt get a very good explanation but it sounds promising indeed, does anyone else know if this is standard theory or where i might find more info on it? (and/or if my explanation is flawed or incomplete)

I’ve read quite a few game theory texts and ive not come across this taxonomy. (so im presuming it cannot be part of orthodox game theory, i might be wrong however)

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  1. I chatted with someone and he said he needed more info, but here’s the conversation.

    M says:
    This one would kinda tie into game theory as in Nash eqm, this basically says that everyone will cheat because they’ll think that everyone else is cheating……….. his question is a little vague about what he is asking

    Other thing I can think of is Behavior economics, they kinda talk about this type of stuff…

  2. thanks econmod

    its annoying issue because the person who told me of this game taxonomy/classification couldnt remember the name of the writer/creator of it so i only have his description to go on, however the idea seems to have some utility in my opinion. (a way of classifying game complexity)

    i’ll try and get more info from the guy i spoke to about it initially.

    thanks for asking your friend/colleage about it etc

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